Year course Digital Design

Meer informatie over de optie: 36 lessen vanaf MAANDAG  16-09-2019

Docent:Diverse Docenten
Aantal lessen:36
Tijd:20:00 - 22:30
Prijs: € 2.100,00 excl. BTW
Periode:16-09-2019 t/m 29-06-2020

Are you interested in the possibilities of Digital Design? Or are you considering a career as a Digital Designer? MK24 is now offering a year course in English. 

During this year you will develop and design a brand strategy for an existing or a new brand or a theme of your choice and learn the basics of Photography, Photoshop, After Effects, Sketch, WordPress and Digital Typography and Graphic design.

Please note: This class is taught in English.

Prior to the course you will be asked to look at different examples of digital design and decide which brand or theme you would like to be working on during the year.

In the first two lessons you will analyse your choice and decide on a strategy which will be implemented during the year using different techniques and software.

In the next six lessons you will explore the possibilities of photography. How to capture an interesting and captivating image for your brand or theme. In Photoshop you will learn all about image size, pixels, color and manipulation if the image.

The images can be further enhanced with movement and music in the next six lessons After Effects. Now you have assembled some content and you are ready for the next six lessons to make a setup for your website and get to know the basics of digital typography and design. What is a good design and why? What about the readability of your text for the website? What fonts do you choose? You will also learn the basics of HTML and CSS and draw wireframes with Sketch.

The following six lessons are dedicated to WordPress and filling your website with your content.

The year will be concluded  with four more lessons about design and typography and review if your design fits your idea so you will end up with an elaborate brand strategy. 

Is it for me?

Anyone who has an interest in Digital Design can apply. You do not need any prior knowledge of design or the applications used though a basic knowledge of working with computers is required.

Are you not sure if this course suits you? Please send an email to so we can discuss the possibilities.

What do you need?

A computer with the applications: Photoshop, Sketch and After Effects. If you do not have a laptop to bring to class, you can borrow a MacBook Air from MK24 during class.


The Digital Design course consists of 36 lessons: 2,5 hours each, including a short coffee/tea break.

The subjects given by expert teachers with their own design/art practice are:

  • 2x Introduction and developing a strategy
  • 6x Photography
  • 6x Photoshop
  • 6x After Effects
  • 6x Digital Graphic Design, Typography and Sketch
  • 6x WordPress
  • 4x Digital Graphic Design, Typography and fine-tuning.
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