Meer informatie over de optie: 2 lessen vanaf ZA & ZO  21-05-2022

Docent:Su Melo
Aantal lessen:2
Lesdag:za & zo
Tijd:10:00 - 16:00
Prijs: € 180,00 incl. BTW
Periode:21-05-2022 t/m 22-05-2022

materiaal/medium: klei/clay

Past and present through body postures in clay. Come and join on a ceramic exploration of raw attitudes.

We will begin the day by watching the exhibition RAW and observing the contemporary approach of 13 artists,   to ‘real and raw’ body depiction . Afterward, we will explore Rembrandt’s house,  visualizing together the raw postures which are entailed in its architecture and Rembrandt’s etchings.

The same day, we will move to the ceramic studio at MK24 where, having the assistance of a live model, we will translate the discovered ‘raw’  attitudes and postures into  sculptures.

I will introduce different exercises through which you will learn basic notions about how to make a human body in ceramic. But most of all how to portray a raw attitude.

How does a ‘raw attitude manifest in a a posture?

How can we express ‘rawness’ working on proportions, gravity and textures?

We will work with different types of clay and some of your sculptures will be baked!

My name is Su Melo, I’m a visual artist and current teacher of ‘the Model – en portretboetseren naar levend modelat’ at MK 24.

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