The Fiction Painter

5 lessen vanaf MA T/M VR  21-10-2019

Docent:Jón B.K. Ransu
Aantal lessen:5
Lesdag:ma t/m vr
Tijd:10:00 - 16:00
Prijs: € 435,00 incl. BTW
Materiaalkosten:€ 15 / blok
Periode:21-10-2019 t/m 25-10-2019

Jón B.K. Ransu’s course requires a bit of homework prior to the start, and each participant will be sent a set of instructions in advance.

Over the five days of this workshop, which combines research, creative writing, and painting, students will invent a fictional painter from any period in history and write a short biography containing not just practical information about the painter, but personal history as well, the more interesting the better.

Following this, students will research the historical period in which their fictitious painter lived, preparing for the third and final step of the workshop: the embodiment of the painter’s practice.

Students will make sketches, drawings, and paintings as examples of their fictitious painter’s body of work.

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