Urban Sketching

Meer informatie over de optie: 5 lessen vanaf MA T/M VR  21-10-2019

Docent:Astrid Kemper
Aantal lessen:5
Lesdag:ma t/m vr
Tijd:10:00 - 16:00
Prijs: € 435,00 incl. BTW
Materiaalkosten:€ 15 / blok
Periode:21-10-2019 t/m 25-10-2019

Urban sketching has become a worldwide movement, and in what is known as “sketch crawls,” artists meet one another in various environments to make drawings together.

This course, created for both curious beginners and experienced artists alike, is modeled on the sketch crawl, and the city of Amsterdam—with its uniquely styled houses and buildings, narrow streets, canals and bridges, water and boats, trams, bicycles, birds, busy markets, lush greenery and many people—makes an ideal living studio for drawing.

Each session will take place in a specially chosen part of the city and begin with a focused assignment along with instruction in the use of various techniques and materials, such as graphite, colored pencil and aquarelle. The sessions will culminate in a discussion of the work made by the participants.

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