Exploring Ceramics: Form and Function

Meer informatie over de optie: DONDERDAG: 19:00 - 22:00

Cursuscode: K0724
Docent: Hildrun Dreyer
Aantal lessen: 8 / blok
Prijs vanaf: € 255,00 incl. BTW
Materiaalkosten: € 20 / blok
Startdata: 05-09-2024, 07-11-2024, 16-01-2025, 20-03-2025, 15-05-2025,

Immerse yourself in the art of ceramics with Hildrun (they/them) in this comprehensive course designed for both beginners and advanced learners. Whether you’re new to clay or seeking to refine your skills, this class offers an inclusive and supportive environment where creativity thrives. Engage in the hands-on practice of different hand-building techniques, guided by a professional ceramist passionate about slow craftsmanship.

What will you learn in Exploring Ceramics: Form and Function?

In this course you will explore a variety of ceramic techniques, allowing you to shape clay into functional and artistic pieces. From creating dishes, tea ware and planters to experimenting with sculptural forms, you will develop multiple skills that encourage patience, playfulness, and the courage to embrace mistakes. Hildrun will provide individual guidance, detailed explanations, and support tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that you can progress at your own pace.

Is the course Exploring Ceramics: Form and Function for you?

This course is perfect for anyone interested in ceramics, whether you’re a complete beginner or have previous experience. Hildrun’s teaching style focuses on fostering a collaborative learning environment where advanced students inspire beginners, and beginners bring fresh perspectives. You’ll enjoy the small successes and the sense of community that grows over weeks of intentional practice.

What do you need for Exploring Ceramics: Form and Function?

Our well-appointed ceramics studio is equipped with professional tools and kilns, offering a variety of clay, pigments, and glazes for your use. You only need to bring your creativity and a willingness to learn. Materials and tools are available for a small fee per session.

Course Structure

The Exploring Ceramics: Form and Function course is structured in blocks of 8 lessons, with each lesson lasting three hours. You can enroll in a single block or join us for multiple blocks to build a year-long learning journey. Each session will provide ample time for individual practice, personalized feedback, and community building.