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Zomerweekend: Tunnels and Bridges

During this workshop you will LEARN AND REFINE the technique of COIL-building. 

This hand modeling technique allows you to build organic, beautiful hollow structures with clay.

Our aim is to make a utilitarian (tableware) sculptural work. This can be a water/wine jar or a flower vase. Adding tunnels and bridges to these creative special forms will produce amazing sounds emanating from the jars at the moment of pouring the liquids, bringing originality and playfulness to your ceramic work.

My extensive experience teaching this technique allows me to guide you personally, improving your skills if you already have experience, and supporting you as a beginner to be successful even if you have no experience working with clay before.

For many people, this course was a discovery, a new perspective, a new source of inspiration that refreshed and improved their creative work.

Material, tools, aprons and also firing are included.

Important note: Class will be taught in English.

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Model- en portretboetseren naar levend model

De studie van model en portret is dé manier om goed te leren kijken en te leren boetseren, en is daarom geschikt voor beginners en voor gevorderden. In de lessen wordt aandacht gegeven aan het kijken, aan anatomie en hoe volumes en maten zich tot elkaar verhouden.

Observerend en werkend ontdek je en ontwikkel je je eigen vormentaal en artistic language. We werken met verschillende soorten klei en de werkstukken kunnen gebakken worden.

Please note: This class will be taught in English.

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