Tunnels and bridges

Meer informatie over de optie: DINSDAG: 09:30 - 12:30

Cursuscode: K0624
Docent: Su Melo
Aantal lessen: 8 / blok
Prijs vanaf: € 255,00 incl. BTW
Materiaalkosten: € 42 / blok
Startdata: 03-09-2024, 05-11-2024, 14-01-2025, 18-03-2025, 20-05-2025,

After the success of the summer workshop, starting in September MK24 is offering Tunnels and bridges as a new eight-class course.

In this course you can choose what you want to work on and you will be encouraged to incorporate tunnels and bridges into your final design. The works can be utilitarian pieces (tableware), such as water/wine jugs or vases, as well as sculptures. If you wish, you can also be guided with fun and creative assignments.

Please note: This class will be taught in English.

What will you learn in the ceramics course Tunnels and bridges?

In this course you will learn and refine the “coil” construction technique. This is a hand modelling technique that allows you to build hollow structures with clay.

After the forms are finished you will also learn how to use engobes and glazes to add color and make them water proof.

Is the course Tunnels and bridges for you?

My extensive experience teaching this technique allows me to guide you personally, improving your skills if you already have experience and supporting you as a beginner. No worries ! This course is suitable for you even if you have no experience working with clay before.

For many people this course was a discovery, a new perspective, a new source of inspiration that refreshed and improved their creative work.

What do you need for the course Tunnels and bridges?

The ceramics room is a well-appointed space with professional tools and kiln (ceramics oven). Different types of clay, pigment and glaze are available for you during the course.

Course structure

Important point: Su is learning Dutch; the lessons may be mainly in English.