Sculpting in stone

Meer informatie over de optie: WOENSDAG: 19:30 - 22:30

Cursuscode: B0423
Docent: Willem Harbers
Aantal lessen: 8 / blok
Prijs vanaf: € 235,00 incl. BTW
Materiaalkosten: € 7,50 / blok
Startdata: 06-09-2023, 08-11-2023, 17-01-2024, 20-03-2024, 22-05-2024,

Meer informatie over de optie: WOENSDAG: 19:00 - 22:00

Cursuscode: B0424
Docent: Willem Harbers
Aantal lessen: 8 / blok
Prijs vanaf: € 255,00 incl. BTW
Materiaalkosten: € 8 / blok
Startdata: 04-09-2024, 06-11-2024, 15-01-2025, 19-03-2025, 21-05-2025,

Sculpting is much older than the road to Rome and at the same time always relevant. It is a combination of craft, spatial insight, creativity and a lot of guts! You start with a piece of stone and arrive at a beautiful sculpture. An exciting route where anything can happen along the way, a project that is all yours from beginning to end. Willem has, from his own practice as an artist, much experience and guides you and the group during this adventure towards your work of art.

Please note: This class is taught in Dutch, but the instructor will translate into English if it’s requested.

What will you learn in the course Sculpting in Stone?

This course is suitable for beginners and more experienced sculptors. Various types of stone are available during class such as limestone, marble and hard stone. Willem has lived and worked in Italian Carrara for a long time and his fondness for marble is evident and observable in his own work!

Technique is the basis for creating a sculpture, so all types of tools are explained and applied, but Willem also puts a lot of emphasis on developing a personal style. To encourage that, each week we discuss an artist for inspiration. From Jeff Koons to Ai Weiwei and Bernini to Marc Quinn…everything passes by and the reward is one of weight!

Is the course Sculpting in Stone right for you?

The sculpting course is suitable for beginners and advanced sculptors. You get individual guidance during this course but work in a group.

What do you need for the course Sculpting in Stone?

The Sculpture Lab is a nice bright room where you can work well. We ask for a contribution for the stones and the use of materials and tools for this course. All materials, stones and tools are available at MK24. You can leave your piece of work at MK24 so you can easily pick up where you left off each week.

Course structure

The course Sculpting in Stone consists of 5 blocks of 8 lessons. One lesson lasts 3 hours. The blocks can be taken separately or together as an annual course. Tools and materials are included in the course price. Lessons take place every week.