Make a Children’s Book – year course

Meer informatie over de optie: 36 lessen vanaf MAANDAG  31-08-2020

Docent:Nathalie Tappin
Aantal lessen:36
Tijd:17:30 - 20:00
Prijs: € 2.100,00 excl. BTW
Periode:31-08-2020 t/m 21-06-2021

Always dreamed of making your own children’s book? Come and join this year course to learn everything you need to make it happen!

Interested? Join us on Monday August 17 at 7 PM. Let us know you’re coming at

You will learn all the different facets required for the production and distribution of your own book for children. However the main focus is on the visual aspect and in that respect the book should be aimed to 0 – 6 year olds.

Please note: this class is taught in English.

What will you learn?

All the different elements required to make a children’s book are addressed during the year. The first lesson Chee-Han, writer of Where Is My Noodle Soup?!?*, will share her experience of writing, illustrating and publishing her book and will give you tips while exploring together with illustrator Nathalie Tappin your first ideas for your own book.

*When Sam-Ming is at school he looks forward to the lunch break. Then he can savour the super-duper delicious noodle soup his parents have made him. Noodle soup is his favourite food. But when Sam-Ming opens his backpack he’s in shock: his noodle soup is gone! Where, oh where is his noodle soup?!?

Then you will start devising a concept for your book, taking into account who you are aiming at, what you want to put across and how it should be marketed. Once your idea is developed you will start illustrating, experimenting with the many different possibilities you can apply. It will mainly be drawing by hand but if desired you can use your iPad or computer.

All classes are taught by professionals in the field and all the ideas and progress is discussed in the class so you will get feedback from your peers as well as from the teacher.

Next to drawing and illustrating you will be taught copy writing, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, typography, printing, paper and color, marketing and distribution.

Who is it for?

This year course is aimed at anyone seriously considering making and producing its own children’s book. The emphasis is on the visual aspect but the whole process from beginning to end is addressed. It implies that you learn how to conceive, design, draw, write, produce, print and publish a book by yourself or experience which part of the process best suits you and team up with other professionals who you can brief according to your desires.

You do not need any prior skills or knowledge. But even for those who do have some know-how this year will give you invaluable insights.

What do you need?

Materials for drawing, painting and making collage are available at MK24. Should you require any specific materials you can ask the teacher. For the digital classes you are advised to bring your own laptop with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign installed. When enrolled in this year course you can profit from the special student pricing Adobe offers.
If you cannot bring your own laptop to class you may use one of the Macbooks at Mk24.


The year course consists of 36 lessons 2,5 hours each, including a short break.

Throughout the year you will be guided and coached by professionals in the field such as illustrators, copywriter, marketeer, publisher.

The first trimester is dedicated to developing your concept in accordance with your marketing goal. You will start the illustration process and start writing text.

The next 12 lessons are mostly dedicated to learning the Adobe programs in order to digitize the workflow. You will also be taught the basics about colors, shape and paper.

The last trimester you will learn to work with Indesign to design and layout the book. You will learn about which typography to use, you will visit a printing company and a publisher will review your work and give feedback.

The year will be concluded with a presentation of your book to your peers and teachers.

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